Portrait sessions are not like your average "sit on a chair and smile" portrait sessions.  We go out side and use nature, energy, toys and lots of treats to create fun, natural photos of your pet, that will show off their own personality and style!  If you have a vision, let me know and together I am sure we can make it happen!


Before attending your sessions, here are a couple of tips to help ensure we get the best shots possible:

  1. Brush your pet!  A nicely brushed coat photographs much nicer than a matted one!  This DOES NOT mean you have to  take your dog to the groomer, in fact, I recommend that you keep your dogs coat the way you are use to it.  A dramatic hair cut right before a shoot can not only (obviously) change the appearance and colour of your pet, but it can also make your pet feel and act different (if they are not use to it).  If your dog is regularly groomed, then of course go and get their hair cut!

  2. Clip their nails.  ​Sure, I can do a little editing magic to make your pups nails appear shorter, but if I need to do that, that means they need a nail trim anyways, so use this as your reminder to clip their nails.

  3. ​Bring a brush.  ​I will have one with me, but your dogs may be more comfortable with their regular brush.

  4. ​Take them for a walk before hand.  ​This will help them relax and maybe get some beans out.  We don't want them tired, we love energy!!!  But just not edgy!

  5. ​Bring their favourite toy and delicious treats!  ​A couple of toys that make noise are a great way to get good ears in photos, and yummy treats are a great way to ​jackpot reward​ all the great things they will be doing!

  6. ​Don't feed a big meal before the photos.  ​No one wants to have their picture taken after a big meal! We want your dog full of energy, plus they will be getting a lot of treats!!

  7. ​Relax!  You!  If you are relaxed and having fun, you dog will be too!  Photo sessions are fun for us, and weird for dogs (who is this lady throwing treats at me with that thing in her face).  Let's laugh, play and have a good time!  I know we will get fantastic photos, we don't need to worry!

Check out some of our past sessions below!

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