Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!  

Below you will find some answers to commonly asked questions!


​How do I know what file size to choose?

    ​Choose the right size depends on what you plan on using the photo for.  If you intend on printing or enlarging the photo, it is recommended that you choose the larger size file (called LARGE DOWNLOAD).  This type of file preserves all the detail so that you are able enlarge it without losing any clarity or detail.  These photos will be edited to enhance the photos to ensure maximum quality and appeal.
If you are planning on using the photo for social media, or small size print only, choose the smaller file (called SMALL DOWNLOAD).  Typically these photos come as they are, however, if there are some adjustments that you would like to them, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can talk!

​Can't I just screen shot my photos?

    ​Sure, you COULD.  But I don't want you to!  When looking through proofs and purchasing photos for myself, I always found it frustrating when I was trying to look at the photo with a watermark over the top.  I would really like to keep my proofs watermark free so that you are able to see the photo in its entirety.    If you are not able to afford to purchase the photo, please contact me and I will be happy to help!
If photos are being screen shotted and posted often, I will have to add a watermark to them, that way, if you are taking the photos for free anyways, at least I will get some free advertisement!  :)

How long do I have to purchase from an album?

​    Albums will be up for 6 months, then will expire.  If you are looking for a photo from an event or session previous to that, please just send me a message and I can retrieve it from the archive.


​Do you ever offer coupon codes or discounts?

    YES! yes, yes, yes!  I LOVE coupons!  Check my facebook page regularly for discount codes to be applied to your photo purchases!  Also, make sure you read your confirmation E-Mails for coupon codes off your future purchases!

​What If I want photos, but I can not afford them?

​    We are all in different situations in our life, and I understand that!  If you are in a spot where purchasing a photo from an event just isn't in the cards for you, please send me a message.  The conversation will remain private, but I know that we can work something out to ensure that you can have the special memories of you and your pet!

Booking Private/Group Sessions

​How do I book a session?

    If you would like to book a sessions, it is best to reach out to me on my Facebook Page. We can discuss dates, times and packages.  We can create a custom package to suit your budget and needs. 
Portrait sessions with backdrops are able to be added into sessions as long as there is electricity and space!  

​Where do you travel to?

   I will go pretty much anywhere, however, the price will reflect the distance.  If you are not local, and are looking to cut down on travel costs, maybe see if there is someone else who would like to add a session and split the travel costs.  Travel costs will be a KM rate, this rate will depend on the current cost of gold​ GAS.  I will keep the rate moderate and just ensure that my expenses are covered.

What should I do before my session?

   BRUSH YOUR DOG!  CLIP THEIR NAILS!  These two things are often overlooked, especially on short haired dogs.  Brushing them will bring the natural oils out and create a nice shiny coat!  Long nails can make them stand in an awkward position, and freshly cut nails just look nicer in photos.  Bring a brush and we can touch up between shots!  
If your dog is groomed regularly, its ok to get them freshened up prior, but its not a good idea to get them a new style right before the shoot.  You want them to look like themselves!

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